About the Campaign Team

About the Campaign Team

I am delighted to be able to introduce my team – a team that shares my belief in the importance of offering a balanced, respectful alternative to the two party system – for the good of the community and the good of the country. None of them have been involved in an election campaign before so we might take a different approach to the other candidates.

David Jarjoura

Chief of Staff

David comes from a family retail business environment which he led for twenty years and is currently active in Board and business advice roles. He joined the team as he shares Martin’s vision and values and trusts in Martin’s ability to achieve for his people.

James Mulcare

Chief of Operations

James’ career had predominantly been in logistics and operations management for large pharmaceutical companies until he recently established Western Sydney Strength and Conditioning. He joined the team because he believes that Martin’s values and work ethic will deliver better representation for the people of Bennelong.

Anne-Maree Ironside

Finance Manager

Anne-Maree is a Certified Practising Accountant and works as a Finance and Compliance Manager with experience in a wide range of industries. She joined the team because she trusts Martin’s judgement and admires his passion for the electorate of Bennelong.

Kellie Reid

Volunteer Manager

Kellie has experience in the Banking and Finance industries and currently works on a part time basis for a consulting business. She joined the team because her interest in community aligns with Martin’s commitment and she likes his “big picture” approach.

Breanna Rosman

Community Liaison Officer

Breanna is a university student with a strong interest in teamwork and community welfare. She joined the team because she supports Martin’s ideas of a compassionate approach towards leadership and the welfare of Australians.

Sarah Carman

Social Media Manager

Sarah Carman is a passionate tutor, writer, speaker and health advocate and is the founder of Sponge Education. She joined the team because she was impressed by Martin’s messages, and his desire to change the face of politics.

Patrick Heath

Authorisation Officer

Patrick is a solicitor with 30 years’ experience specialising in litigation, including 5 years as Managing Partner of a medium-sized legal practice. He joined the team because Martin’s views and values resonated with his own, particularly the need to treat the electorate with respect.

Danielle Holt

Marketing Manager

Danielle is an experienced marketing manager and former journalist. She currently works in marketing for one of the world’s largest recruitment and workforce solutions companies.  Danielle joined the team because of her interest in politics and her deep belief in the need for people and communities to actively participate in democracy. Danielle admires Martin’s ethics and his passion for Bennelong.